The only objective of “CTH Events Paris”, a wedding agency in Paris: to make the most beautiful day of your life extraordinary!

Wedding Planner agency FULL services in France

The French company “CTH EVENTS PARIS” offers a wide choice of event and wedding planning services in Paris for turnkey events and weddings in France. Its main activity is the planning of events, weddings, corporate events, bachelor parties, engagements, renewal of vows, proposals, birthdays, intimate dinners, visits and celebrations in France.


Advantages of “CTH Events Paris”

Your event is professionally organized and carried out with knowledge of the region, a wide selection of providers, an experienced and attentive team, which includes a dynamic wedding planner for perfect events and wedding planning in France.

Each wedding is unique, both for you and for us. This day only happens once in your life and we have no other opportunities to do better, we organize your wedding with the utmost professionalism.

This company includes French-speaking, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Russian-speaking managers.

Weddings and events in France

All our events, even the smallest, are made to measure. Engaging a limited number of weddings per season, the weddings we organize are very different in style with an extra touch of French style and we even provide various Parisian packages!

We make the perfect version of every wedding. We transform dreams into location searches, supplier selection, decoration, color palettes, floral arrangements, table arrangements, music, wedding menus, wedding day schedules!

We offer several scenarios for weddings: church wedding in Paris, traditional wedding (sofreh aghd, Jewish wedding) and symbolic ceremony. The preparations for the wedding were long before the big day whether it was your wedding in France or your escape to Paris, generally around six months, or even one, depending on the number of guests, the formula chosen, etc. We book the hotel in advance, choose providers, book restaurants and castles. However, at your request, we are able to organize any event in a very short time, even in 10 days we have already done! Our wedding planner destination in Paris is always ready to put everything in place for your special day.

You will keep unforgettable memories thanks to the photo session, love story, day trips, relaxation, interesting excursions, going to museums and simply walking around the streets and boulevards of Paris.

Contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

And don’t forget, you are getting married! Dream!

Church weddings in France

Our team offers you a wedding blessing at the church in Paris. All people of Christian traditions or not and of diverse horizons and are welcome.

Only marriages celebrated by civil authorities have legal value in France. A church wedding therefore has spiritual significance, but not legal status. Before the religious marriage ceremony, We must be in possession of a copy of your legal marriage certificate.

For this, it is simpler to get married at a legal ceremony in your country of origin, then to send us a copy of the certificate in paper or digital format.

You must also provide your baptismal certificates. For more information on the required paperwork or documentation, please contact us at

Catholic and Protestant marriages in France must take place in a church. An outdoor ceremony or a ceremony in, for example, a castle is not possible. However, many French castles have small chapels, they can be used for weddings with the agreement of the local clergy.

For marriages of another religion, please contact us.

Wedding and event planning services

  • Support, advice and guidance throughout the wedding planning process via email or skype
  • Search on sites
  • Selection and management of an unlimited number of suppliers
  • Design and style of event: color palette, atmosphere
  • On-site coordination
  • Budget management
  • Face-to-face meetings with the main suppliers (location, caterer tasting, photographer, etc.)

  • Logistics planning of transport for customers
  • Writing the calendar of events
  • Briefing with all the sellers and the place before the (technical visit…)
  • Wedding car and transport

We can also extend our services to an unlimited number (accommodation and transportation of guests, excursion and logistical activities for the days before and after the event…) to make this process a pleasant experience.

  • Follow-up after the wedding with suppliers such as photographer and videographer until you receive your film and photos

On-site coordination

We coordinate on site the arrival of the first sellers to the departure of the last guests. So that you have the best day of your life without stress we assure:

Supplier management, general configuration and dismantling.

Supervising the nuptial preparations.

The setting up and dismantling of touches of style and details.

Managing the calendar of events.

The wedding and logistics of transporting guests.

On-site coordination is provided by planners and assistant planners the number of people present varies according to the extent of the wedding and also for any other event such as the planning of corporate events in France or the birthday party in Paris , number of guests, location, logistical complexity and timing of weddings. Clients have the option of signing the required team size once needs are assessed.

Design and style

We ensure the design and the style of the event: color palette, atmosphere. Several options will be offered according to your desires, your budget and your needs. Each of your desires will be explored with our wedding planner and event planner so that your event is “tailor-made”.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for new creative ideas combining beauty, rarity, exceptional places and inspiration.



Step 1

We send you a survey to know your desires and your likes/dislikes. You inform us about your budget.

Step 2

We provide you several options of design & styling: color pallet, atmosphere, flowers, accessories…in accordance with your wishes and budget of course. We also propose you wedding venues that would fit to these criteria, and we visit them.

All your desires will be explored with our wedding planner and event planners to provide you with a unique offer that suits your tastes.

Step 3

An illustrator shows you our ideas drawing mood boards. They show you what the wedding venue will look like the d day following the work of you wedding planner and your florist. This is an optional service that we propose to help you imagine how it is going to be.

Hôtel Le Crillon – Paris

Our Proposal

The wedding day

Hôtel Le Marois – Paris

Our Proposal

The wedding day

Château de Chantilly – Paris

Our Proposal

The wedding day

Hôtel Le Meurice – Paris

Our Proposal

The wedding day

Hôtel Intercontinental – Paris

Our Proposal

The wedding day


Usually, we set up your decor the morning of your wedding. For more bigger installations projects, we provide from two to three days to set up a wedding venue design. It is the case for a tent or arbor installation because it has a whole structure to assemble, a floor to install ext. If you choose a mapping 3D it also takes two days: the first one to set up the equipment and the second to test the proper functioning of the mapping 3D. Therefore, we must rent the wedding venue for several days as well.


Please pay attention

Do not book the wedding venue before you start to work with your wedding planner. Even you already know the venue you want; it is important to let your wedding planner do his job and negotiate the rental agreement. According to the design you will choose together, you may need extra days of installations and if it was not in the agreement you should pay a more expensive price. Thus, do not forget to choose a full services wedding planning to save your time.