Coodination Day D

You have probably already wondered what exactly includes the coordination of D-Day in the wedding planner packages?

Our role begins well before the wedding day because it is not just a matter of putting up the decorative elements. We have to really take charge of the project entirely to be able to manage it in every detail during the big day. Indeed, arriving the same day would be a bit like for a cook to cook without ingredients. So, we need to know as much as possible about the preparations. For this, we prepare for each couple an organization file with several tables that will guide them in the transmission of all important elements. We of course accompany the bride and groom in this task and advise them on the final points of organization. It also allows them to review the process in a very theoretical way, to better visualize their marriage as a whole and to realize some potential problems.

Once we see more clearly in your project, we contact all the providers. We need to introduce ourselves and to recap what has been agreed and everyone’s responsibilities. This allows us to make the link between all providers and often makes us highlight the constraints that must be taken into account for coordination and communicate them upstream to those concerned. Then, we draw up a roadmap for each service provider. It is a document which summarizes all the specifications, essential information, planning, contacts, important addresses. This document allows you to leave a written record and to have a summary of the most important information.

Once the question of providers has been settled, we also contact your loved ones to anticipate the potential surprise events that they plan to prepare. We can advise them on their character, number and duration. But also in the planning in the evening, we try to keep a logical order. Thus, we will be able to raise the mood gradually. We also make sure that all the necessary technical elements are present, that the formats are compatible with the material. We centralize all the animations on a single support, check them, classify them then test them on the big day before the arrival of the guests. This allows the fluidity of the evening but also not to fall behind in the planning which will be sent beforehand to all the providers concerned, in particular the caterer and the DJ because they are the most concerned by the timing.

On the big day, we arrive at the reception place first. We welcome all service providers and check that their installations correspond to the specifications that have been agreed. The team is also here to answer all their questions. We install all the decoration according to the checklist, the sketches on which we have worked. This allows us to make the imagination of the newlyweds real with a touch of our experience and our sense of aesthetics and detail.

We are then present at secular and / or religious ceremonies, to welcome your guests and install them. During the ceremonies we take care of the seating plan and form the procession. We manage all the timing for a process without any hiccups. We become the sole point of contact for the bride and groom, which allows them not to be constantly bothered by all providers. So they can enjoy their magic day.

In case of changes or unforeseen or simply new wishes, we are there to manage and resolve the situations as best as possible so that the festivities continue and that the guests spend a unique moment and the newlyweds too. We try to remain as discreet as possible, while always remaining at the service of all present.

A wedding coordinator can really help couples the same day in so many wonderful ways. Having a coordinator on D-Day will help alleviate much of the stress associated with the final preparations. The newlyweds should be able to enjoy their special day without having to worry about the details!

Wedding coordination is not a new type of service, but it’s important to share what wedding coordinators do, especially for couples who don’t use a wedding planner.

He will embark on the process a few weeks to a few months before the big day.

The wedding coordinator will focus on logistics. He will help you organize everything as the preparations progress and takes over on the wedding day. He will make sure that all the details planned are executed correctly. Have a professional such as the wedding coordinator to manage the logistics is essential. Couples should be able to have fun at their wedding.

We eliminate stress because couples know we are there for them and they only have to make a phone call or send an SMS! Once the contract is signed, we make recommendations to suppliers, give advice and guidance throughout their planning process and we manage the day. Our main goal is that our newlywed couples do not have to lift a finger.

Having a sense of organization and attention to detail are essential qualities. For the majority of our clients, wedding planning is not something they know. With this in mind, we make their task as easy as possible. The guest list, table plan design and timeline tools are invaluable throughout the planning process.

Shortly before D-Day, we build a detailed calendar, confirm and manage all the suppliers and also reassure the bride and groom by confirming that everything is under control. We take care of the details of the wedding and we control everything for any small problems that may arise on the wedding day.

We realize how stressful and energy-consuming planning and coordinating a wedding can be on the big day. This is why we offer our services to couples. We want to use our know-how to liberate the bride and groom. Our job is a job of passion and love because we make each marriage a challenge so that it is absolutely perfect.

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