What is a Destination Wedding ?

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place far from the hometown of the married couple. Often in this type of marriage, the honeymoon and the wedding take place in the same place.

Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Your marriage will be nothing like your friends’ marriages. Destination weddings are non-traditional, you have the luxury of making your celebration as non-traditional and suitable for you and your future spouse as you wish. For example, if you want to get married in a swimsuit on a beach in the Maldives you can probably do it.

Your photos will be one of the most precious things about your wedding – right after the wedding! Your choice fell on this destination mainly for the beauty of the place, take advantage of it. You will get unique wedding photos.

You will have more time to enjoy your guests. At a local wedding, everyone is seated with and each guest only speaks to people they know, then each returns home. At a destination wedding, everyone will meet during the festivities you have planned. Guests will be asked to meet several times during the trip.

How to organize a wedding destination.

The very first step in planning a destination wedding is choosing the perfect location for you and your partner. You must take into account the weather the season, while remaining realistic about your expectations. Do not be afraid, however, to choose the first of your favorite places and give life to your vision.

Choose a wedding package or hire a wedding planner who knows your destination. This solution is more suitable to avoid boredom. Do your research and make sure your wedding planner has a good reputation and a wide choice of providers.

Establish a detailed budget for the wedding itself and one for the trip. Remember to inquire about the currency of this destination.

Organize your guest list. Keep a small to moderate guest list as the closest people will be the main buyers of airline tickets for your wedding. Remember that your invitations need to be sent out earlier than a regular wedding so that your guests can organize and maybe get cheaper airline tickets.

Finally, a destination wedding is a little more complex to organize than a traditional wedding. But it also leaves truly unique memories and makes your town hall stand out from that of your friends.